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ULY 9th & 10th
Ynot Racing came into the SIX SIX ONE National Championships with great support from Team Motoventures, Kamloops Yamaha, Northstar, GII Prostetics, and Acerbis. The team came in qualified very high and ready to show BC what we've got.
Tony Allen came to Whispering Pines ready for whatever was going to be in his line of fire. With a week of tuning and practicing on the private track, Tony was surely ready for the big weekend. On Saturday Tony placed well in his two first motos consisting of the class's +40, and 250 Intermediate. On Sunday a gnarly crash and a first turn pile up kept Tony back from finishing well in 250 Intermediate. It was a different story though in +40 where Tony finished behind Al Dyck and John Verdonk who are both vet Pros.
Marcus Allen has had a winning streak on his side, coming into the Championship with a win in every class he has entered for Motocross. A last minute decision with Yamaha got Marcus riding in the GP class as well as the 125 class. Good starts in all his motos helped Marcus finish in first in both motos on Saturday. But not with having to do some work after getting stuck in the gate in GP and falling down twice in 125. On Sunday Marcus was hoping things would go easier. It seemed that way at first when he nearly led from start to finish in 125 but luck would change in the GP class. An excellent start got Marcus over the step down first but with his radiator cap missing. A forced pit stop made Marcus go back to the Yamaha pits to find a spare when and re-enter the track in dead last but still manage a 6th place finish by the end of the moto. Now the last two motos were up and they went without a hitch. WIth great help from Tony, Rick Parker, Motoventures,Yamaha, Acerbis, and Mike it made it easier for Marcus to grab the two Championships at the SIX SIX ONE Nationals.
Josh came into this event hoping for a top ten finish in the stacked 80cc class. With people like Dean Wilson and Kirk Haws as Josh's competition he had his work cut out for him. After a week of testing it still was not enough for Josh to get his suspension switched over from the cross country setting to the quicker motocross setup. Moto one made it difficult for Josh with unbalanced suspension and was soon fixed for the next race. A fall in moto two found Josh near the back of the pack but some hard charging and determination brought him back up to finish 7th. When the day was over Josh sat tied in 8th place but the person matching him in points finished ahead of Josh in the final moto, pushing Josh back to 9th place.
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