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        Ynot Racing Team returns strong to the PNWMA series after a long break in the schedule. With great help from G2 Certified Prosthetics, Motoventures, Northstar, Acerbis, Kamloops Yamaha, B.C. Pole Control, and FMF we were able to come back stonger than ever to the races.
Tony Allen took some time off his YZ250 and waited for the racing to begin again. When the shotgun went off you wouldn't be able to tell Tony had time off his bike with a good start he quickly charged to the front of the pack on the rocky, and dusty motocross start. After settling down on the trails and making a solid lead Tony made a costly mistake in the upper sand section and found himself in a ravine twenty feet below where he was supposed to be. When pushing to get out of the giant ditch Tony watched as his competition go by. After managing to get out Tony rode the wheels of his Yamaha to catch the leader of his class and make the pass soon after. This is the way the race would end and Tony would once again get the win in the 40+ Expert class.
           Marcus Allen was pumped and ready to race at Castlegar and he felt it was time for the win in Intermediate Under. Things were looking good when Marcus got the holeshot with all the Intermediates lined up and Marcus lead for most of the first lap when fatigue from being off the bike for so long set in and he dropped back a little and on the next lap things got worse. A mud hole on the "A" loop caught Marcus for an entire lap and set him way behind. After getting his gloves wet fromt the mudhole a tricky section had him lose his bike and send it a good fifteen feet down the bank around trees and over logs. After everything was done Marcus ended up second once again.
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