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Ynot Racing goes 1,2,3,4 at the Big Rooster in Vernon over the weekend.With some surprises and plain old bad luck as the race went on, the Sunday race actually turned out ok.

Tony Allen was ready to continue his sweep of the 40+ Expert class and was hoping this weekend would be no different. After missing the start and watching his wave go by up on the hill Tony raced down to the start line and took off down the grass track start trying to catch up to his class and start picking off riders. It proved to be more difficult than he expected but by the end of the first lap Tony was in second and pushing hard to catch up to the American ISDE hero from Idaho. By the end of the 30Km course and riding as fast as his YZ250 could take him through the trees Tony finally caught a glimpse of the rider he'd been tracking down for the last three hours. Immediately Tony got on the gas as hard as he could and made a quick charge to the inside corner barely backing off trying to nab his rival on the inside and make the pass. In the process Tony bounced off a little rock and got ricoched into the other rider and brought them to a stop. After a little negotiation of not riding in that manner the American respectively allowed to Tony to ride the remaing 100m to the finish to claim first place. Thanks to very kind sportsmanship Tony kept his win streak alive and ready to race. 

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After many second places Marcus Allen was ready to get to the top and keep it that way the rest of the season. Things started out bad on the start with an early crash and some slower riders in the Intermediate Over class slowing Marcus down from catching up first place.
After a quick charge Marcus moved his YZ125 into first place and continued to move farther into the lead. A while after a tricky hill got the best of Marcus and fell back to second once again and preceded to take a tumble a couple corners late and break off his front fender making it much more difficult to wind through the trails. Later on in the 'A' section a log trail with some logs stacking nearly four feet high got the best of Marcus and lost his back break peddle while lifting his bike over a log. Not Being able to push and catch up to first, Marcus managed to hang onto second place by the end of the race.