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The numbers don't lie...

Since what we're ultimately interested in is seeing this team take its rightful place in the series, this main area I will include the current series standings. I will talk about how the season is going and analyze how good (or bad!) I feel our team's chances are given the upcoming schedule.

To find the results of our team check out these sites and

Okanagan Series

2006 Race Schedule

Rider Standings

Our Team is having a personal contest between ourselves. The rules are we take our ten best finishes and add the place we finished together and whoever has the lowest number at the end of the season wins. (ex. 5th place and 2nd = 7 points) DNF's do not count.
See Rider Standing's for standing of contest click here.

The entire team has been training steadlily for the PNWMA and ODR series with Mike opting to stay out of the ODR.

-Break until Ice Racing starts on the first week of January