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Josh Allen's season has had his ups and downs. The beginning of this race was even down on luck for Josh. Due to a mysterious problem with Josh's YZ85, the young rider was forced to ride Marcus's last year bike the TT-R 150. The underpowered and undersprung bike was certainly not sustainable for Josh's newfound speed and would make things go much slower and much more difficult for Josh during the race. A good start for Josh with an electic start  convenience started Josh off nicely near the front of the pack trailing behind team mate Mike Caldow. A steady pace got Josh travelling slowly yet surely making very little mistakes. The small bore four stroke wound it's way through the trails, pounded out the whoops and tracked over the rocks and roots. An excellent ride on a different bike got Josh a very respectable fourth place finish and moving forward to second overall in the PNWMA series.

Mike Caldow has had an off and on race season, and right now Mike has been racing like a mouse on speed. He has shown amazing speed and die hard determination. Mike is bound to take a win sometime in the near future. A near holeshot got Mike up front and riding quickly. A few minutes into the race Mike was rubbing the leaders front tire desperately trying to get by then a bobble by front man got him off course and deflecting Mike way down the mountainside making it nearly impossible to get out. Quick thinking got Mike out of the mess and down the hill to the next section of trail in a crucial fifteen minutes. All the pushing and lifting Mike did to get his bike out of the forest tired Mike to near exhaustion, hoping problems were affecting the leaders or a second wind would come to Mike to finish the race strong and get his first win became slimmer and slimmer as the race drew on. However an excellent finish, pouring on the speed got Mike gaining on the main pack but it was not enough to finish up top. Still a solid 6th place ride.

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