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Ynot Racing Team
2005 Wrap Up
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         After a long hard fought season Ynot Racing has came out with number of Titles and Championships. Many things came unexpectedly to the team including a few late season injuries suffered by Tony Allen, and Mike Caldow. Also the rookie season for Mike Caldow went very well with a few bumps a long the way brought the young rookie a very respectable finish in the PNWMA series.
           Tony Allen swept every race that involved roots and rocks but once at the track things started off slowly and picked up quite well by the end of the season. A perfect season in the PNWMA series proved Tony is the man to beat in the 40+ Expert class and a force in the Masters class when the day is going right. Tony's plans for next year are to focus on the Worcs series our southern neighbouring country and do select PNWMA and CMRC races throughout the year.

             Marcus Allen's season was a big step up for him this year and the finish result was uncertain as the season started. The bigger bike and the longer track took time to get used to but by the end of the season Marcus felt things were dialed and set. But it came too late as a blown up bike left Marcus side lined and using an unkown bike for the remainder of the season in the Open class. For next year Marcus will be racing a 125 again in the Expert class' for the PNWMA,  and ODR also Junior 125 for the CMRC motocross races.

Josh Allen was also very unsure of what would be by the end of the 2005 year. Things started off very well with podium finishes for the first part of  the year and strong rides in motocross. After dropping back a few positions at the start of the year in the overall running for the PNWMA Josh picked up the pace and was winning races and always right there with the leaders. Now at the end of the season Josh has blasted off on a brand new YZ 125 and is looking to leave his competition in the dust. 2006 looks to be a promising year for Josh to showcase his skills in the Intermediate class he will be moving up to for the next racing season.

Mike Caldow has been riding for quite a few years now and he felt it was time to see how he matched up with the rest of BC's talent in the PNWMA series.  At first racing was coming difficult for Mikey C. but once the idea of racing for 3 hours set in Mikes results went up with it. Many top three finishes proved Mike was a contender for the Title in his class. Next year will be building block for Mike, for he knows he has the speed now the mental part is the hardest part to harness in racing in the PNWMA. Also Mike will be doing more racing series like the CMRC motocross races, and ODR cross country series.


Ynot Racing has obviously had an excellent year and expect to see us out at more races and in our team gear for next year. Our next race we will be attending will most likely be at Stake Lake to kick off the 2006 season with a little Ice Racing.