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After several months training and tuning our motorcyles on our Private Track, Ynot Racing was ready to expand it's racing to the Desert to see where their speed was at. As you'll find out it was very close to the top.

Tony Allen had a rough start to the year with an injury hampering his speed to get going again but this race proved the time off didn't truly effect the 29th year of racing veteran. With Tony's experience in the desert it did not take long for Tony to get through the pack of 700 riders to get into the top 50 and begin to pick them off one by one. The whooped out course proved to be a simple task for Tony and his experience in picking lines, which there was lot's of. By the end of the first 50 mile loop Tony was in a solid 15th place. After a quick pit stop Tony picked off another 5 people right away and kept pluggin' away at the 50 mile rocky loop once again. Once the wash turned over Tony finished in 11th overall, obviously showing no speed was lost in the off season.
Marcus Allen was once again ready for the start of a brand new season to get kicked off. As this was a brand new type of racing for the teen it would be as equally as exciting to see the rain come down and take all the dust away the night before. A strong top 100 start to the smoke bomb was exactly where Marcus wanted to start his first Desert race off. In about 10 minutes Marcus worked his way up to the top twenty and steadily picking people off as the race wore on. At about the 35 mile mark Marcus charged through a tight single track section where he would break the clutch cable on his bike ending his day unfortunately.
Josh was also ready for his very first race ever of the year as well. Josh who is a strong steady was more than ready to take on the grueling 50 mile loop as he would be participating in the B class for the day. A rough start found Josh on the ground after an entanglement with another rider(coincidently Marcus out of the 700 riders on the line). Josh was able to remount quickly but still found himself watching 700 riders racing to the first corner ahead. Amazingly Josh avoided all the bottle necks with quick smart lines and quickly charged through passing people like they weren't there. With no crashes in 50 miles Josh amazingly pulled off a 25th overall finish in the B class. Not too bad for a practice race.