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JULY 17th
With a newly refreshed bike and some uncharacteristic finishes in the last two races Tony Allen was ready to get some points back on his YZ 250 and regain the points lead in the +40 expert class at Chweles Mtn. An easy holeshot got Tony out front quickly and leading the pack. A bobble at the beginning of the race put Tony into second place where he followed an American with some speed in the tight trails. Soon after Tony made the pass on the new rider on an uphill mud section and never looked back. After charging hard for the entire race Tony ended up about ten minutes ahead of second place.
A home track race is what would hopefully bring a solid race for Marcus Allen. A decent start got Marcus into the lead and pulling away from the competitors in his class. Then about five minutes into the course Marcus accidently rear ended another racer and completely lost his front brake. Soon after Marcus fell back to 3rd place and started pushing back to try and regain the lead and even passing first place a few times. But by the end of the race and riding without a front brake wore Marcus out and he ended 2nd by the end of the day.
Josh Allen has had good races but has never finished on top although has led every race on his YZ85. After a midpack start Josh started trying to pick off riders in the blinding dust and move his way up to the front of the pack. Then about midway through the race Josh also lost his front brake due to a bent rotor. Josh determined to finish up front pushed hard and even had to bail off his bike to too much speed on a steep downhill. When all was finished up Josh found himself at 3rd place once again.
Mike Caldow has had tough luck so far in the series with broken bars, flat tires, the flu, and some hard crashes. This was the weekend Mike hoped to turn things around and finish up front. However this race would turn out to be like the others. An excellent start got Mike and his YZ125 near the front leaders and riding strong. Then it went bad where Mike got a flat front tire near the beginning of the race and struggled through the techinical course and eventually had to call it quits due to his mishap. Hopefully the long break in the schedule will help Mike out and give him some practice time and he'll be able to finish strong in the races.
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