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           The first NMA race for Marcus this year would hopefully turn the PNWMA season around for Marcus. The races down south have been known for their quick pace and pounded out trails with lot's of dust. Things started out excellent for Marcus easily following the leaders of the pack. Quickly things changed, a rider from another class fell and dodged out of the way of the two leaders but then stepped out in front Marcus on a fast trail section and took them both down hard. Mounting his bike quickly Marcus rode on pushing to pass the riders who got by in the prior crash. After picking a few people off the next lap even became worse with Marcus's bike having a problem and having to pull off and fall several laps behind on the short dusty course. After discussion between Tony and Marcus it was agreed for Marcus to try and round of some points and ride Josh's smaller 85 to the finish.
          Josh Allen has had some excellent races in the past few weekends and was hoping to show the Americans what he's got in the trails. It was obvious right from the beginning that the guys down south like to ride motocross and it showed on the Motocross track start. Josh still managed a top five position heading into the woods. A little bobble in the first section of trail moved Josh back a few positions and fighting through the dust. The short cut off for Josh came too soon as he was picking off riders near the end, although Josh still finished an excellent seventh place finish on the small wheel bike.