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Hannegan Flat Track
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A long drive down south to Hannegan Raceway was well worth the rush. Tony, Marcus, and Josh arrived fifteen minutes before a night flat track race and everyone was very into competing in it.

Tony has been racing for many years he's basicall done everything there is to do on a dirtbike, and yes he has had his fair share of flat track as well. Although tonight would be slightly different then what Tony has done in the past. A Super TT track was available and the course consisted of 3/4 of a flat track and then two motocross jumps in the infield and one off-camber corner. The Pro class proved to very difficult for Tony but still managing a third in a class where basically everyone had flat track slicks on and Tony was racing with regular knobbies. The second moto seemed to be going very well for Tony dicing back and forth with another guy for second place. Soon after the battling went on so quickly that a lap rider was soon in front of Tony and drifting out in front of his path. The next thing Tony saw happening was his bike flopping around like a fish on the edge of the track and his throttle cable hooked on to the lappers bike resulting in a YZ 250 getting thrown around like a rag doll under it's own power! Sadly the crash tweaked Tony's knee and made the frustrated rider pull out of the next day's Hare Scramble.

On the otherside of racing Marcus has had absolutely no experience with flat track but some time on the slightly different Ice Race style racing. Marcus signed up for the same Super TT race that Tony was ready to race for except being in the lower Intermediate class. In practice it was obvious that Marcus had his work cut out for him with the small bore 125 racing against bikes up to 525 cc engines. Things were a different story in the race however, the small track proved to give a slight advantage to Marcus with the smaller bike since it could accelerate a little quicker and by the end of Marcus' first flat track moto he managed a 3rd place finish. A short break got Marcus back on the track quickly and ready to take the win. After two laps Marcus found himself in second place and riding the 125 as hard as he could. By the end laps Marcus reeled in first place and rubbing his back tire on everly corner in the infield. Marcus was set to make the pass on the next lap but the checker flags flew and it was good enough for a second overall for the night.