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The first race of 2006 went down at Stake Lake with only one member of Ynot Racing Team participating. Heres how things turned out.

      The only rider supporting Ynot Racing Team was Marcus Allen who also rides for Kamloops Yamaha, Motoventures, Acerbis, Northstar, G2 Prosthetics and many more.
     For the National weekend Marcus would be racing Tony Allen's YZ 250 to get that extra power in the Intermediate 250, and GP class's. Although it was only Marcus racing Tony was still there helping wrench and get the most of the YZ 250 for Marcus to have a shot at the championship.
         Since this was one of Marcus' first times racing on ice things started off very slowly with only a few minutes of practice the first race was off. With Marcus not having any idea where he would place he took off with a horrible start but quickly made some quick pass's into fourth with some close battles until the end thats where Marcus would finish off the first moto of 6 in the Intermediate 250 class.
            As the day went on Marcus would pick up the results and would finish the day with two moto wins in both 250 and GP Intermediate. A rough night with the flu before the Sunday race was bringing tough times to the Ynot Racing camp. As the flag dropped it never would have been guessed that Marcus was suffering from a painful stomach ailment.
            The day picked up just as it was left off from Saturday as Marcus picked off 3 straight moto wins and was looking like the championship was in grasp. Then as luck would have it a flat tire dawned the powerhouse YZ 250 and would result in the cause of a crash in the next two motos. With a quick break in the racing the Ynot Racing crew was able to replace the flat back tire and get Marcus back onto the pace for the final moto with a finish of 2nd.
          With Ynot Racing crew finished up with Ice Racing now all that is left to focus on is the PNWMA and ODR racing series. Tony looks to defend his title in the 40+ Expert class and Marcus looks to claim his first title in the Expert class. Josh Allen is in the same situation with the Intermediate class but Mike Caldow is still iffy on which class he will be racing this year. All I know is that the team is training hard and not much will be able to get in their way.