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Castlegar Hare Scrambles (2)
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     Josh Allen has been ready for a win for quite some time now and has not quite been able to hang on to the lead for the entire race. Maybe all he need was some Vacation time and the growing need to come back home and ride on his YZ85. The big time finally came for Josh. It started with an easy holeshot where he lead the bigger bikes on the fast motocross course to start the hare scramble race off. Josh lead from start to finish of the race with no one giving a solid challenge for the lead except for team mate Mike Caldow where he would pull up behind Josh for a lap of the 18 km circuit. With Josh on a tear and not backing off for the entire race he managed to come through quicker than anyone else and manage to get one extra lap on everyone else and then clinch his first ever overall win in the PNWMA series.
         Mike Caldow in need of some points due to some DNF's in the past few races was ready to ride hard for the entire race and finish on top. A pre-ride of the course on Saturday proved Mike was ready to win and was certainly on his game for the weekend. A solid start got Mike near the front and not in too much dust. A few quick passes on other riders gave Mike the opportunity to dice with fellow team mate Josh Allen for a portion of the race. Later in the race Mike and Josh became stuck on a tricky loose hill where Josh was able to push up quicker and pull away from Mike for the rest of the race. There Mike would finish a season's best second place.
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