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Vernon Cross Country (2)

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Josh Allen came ready to race and expecting a win after the race in Castlegar. Off the bat the back-to back win looked reasonable. Then Josh's flat tire thing came back to haunt him again when he got another flat front in his racing season. Josh was fortunate enough to make a descent lead on the main pack. After struggling for an entire race Josh was beginning to get the worst of the flat tire. Josh had reportedly washed out into a tree and instantly bring him to a stop and luckily not injure himself. Once the race was finished Josh amazingly managed a 3rd place finish on the smaller YZ85.

Mike Caldow has had a rough season and before the race Mike was ready to finish off this year with the best finishes he and his YZ125 can get. A similar start  to Josh got Mike up front and leading the pack. Once into the race Mike began setting a pace but soon found several people on his rear wheel and unfortunately endoed off the track and allowed the main Junior class to get by. Mike returned to his bike quickly and determination moved him near the front of the class and trying to catch up to Josh. Then Mikes bad luck came again. Several pee breaks late Mike was fighting back to get near the front again. The race came to a close and Mike, although riding very strong was unable to put in the final gap but he still managed an excellent fourth place finish. 

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