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Tony Allen has been on a winning streak for the entire PNWMA series in the 40+ Expert class. Tony has brought his YZ250 to the top of the podium every weekend except for the race he missed the previous weekend down south at Hannegan Raceway due to a knee injury that was still giving Tony pain. A bad jump on the gun got Tony behind the mid-pack trailing behind people he's never been challenged by. Once Tony got by the first few people he began pushing to the leader that pulled away when Tony was being held up by slower riders. Soon after Tony made the pass for first and quickly pulled away to a comfortable lead. An excellent ride by Lower Mainland rider Terry Bainbridge caught Tony back up and sneaked by sometime on the coastal trails. The whooped trail made the going difficult on Tony's knee but the help of the G2 Certified Prosthetics Knee Brace made it possible for Tony to re-pass Bainbridge and hold on to the lead for the remaining portion of the course. After cruising around on the second lap Tony once again knabbed a 1st place finish to keep his streak alive.


Marcus Allen has had consistent finishes so far in the PNWMA series although he has not yet reached the top rank, despite being close in several races. Hopes were high for this weekend; fast techical trails littered with rock and roots and still some tight woods made this course fun and whooped out on the fast uphill climbs. On this round of the PN the Int. Unders started with the overs which made racing more difficult not knowing where your competition sat in position. This was not too much of set back for Marcus, who fortunately found his class leader just in front of an Int. Over rider, but unfortunately the Over rider soon began holding Marcus up on the switch backs coming down the mountain and allowed Marcus's competition to gain a slight lead. Soon after Marcus got by and pushed as hard as he could to catch up to the leader and take the overall. Things began to look good when Marcus began to gain momentum in the bermy and smooth trails on the lower section of the 31km course. By the time the 2nd lap came around Marcus pulled into 1 minute behind the leader. A mishap in the pits then found Marcus and Tony pitting at the same time with only one quick fill to fill up their gas. Once on their way Tony and Marcus began to work together to catch up to the leader of Marcus' class. Every road crossing was noting that Marcus was steadily making up time and then in the last five minutes of the course Marcus widdled the gap down to 20 seconds and riding hard up an easy switch back section Marcus' plug fouled and Marcus was unable to re-start his bike. Tony soon after became aware of Marcus's situation and rode back to Marcus where he towed his fouled bike into the pits which still got Marcus a 3rd place finish.

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